On April 25th, Hazel B. came up from Pensacola with her 12 year old granddaughter to see Billy Currington. They were excited to spend time with each other at the concert. After putting her granddaughter to bed, Hazel came down to the Casino to play. She put some money in the game Million Degrees, hit “Max Bet”, and immediately won a $1,253,777 Jackpot! People all around her said she’d won $125,377. She called up to her fiancé to tell him she’d won. His reaction? “Okay, cash out and come upstairs.” But once he heard “$125,000”, he came right down, where together they learned she had actually won $1.25 million! Now that the shock is gone, Hazel has a new car and house picked out. The rest goes into the bank, and she’ll “just live and love off of that.” Hazel won’t have to work nights and weekends anymore, adding, “this is the best part, being able to spend time at home with my kids and grandkids.” Special thanks to Billy Currington!