By Zack Cutler
It’s November, and once the Halloween decorations go away, most people’s minds turn to Thanksgiving, which is where we reflect on our blessings. At Wind Creek, we’re no different. We have been blessed by the tremendous support we receive from our Guests. With this blessing comes responsibility, and it’s a responsibility we gratefully accept.
Presenting a check to the
ALS Foundation
Throughout the year, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see us at concerts, festivals, or sporting events. We love going to these events and making new friends and spreading the Wind Creek cheer. However, you will also find us in places you wouldn’t expect, like the Atmore Public library, or the Boys and Girls Club in Mobile, or at a Habitat For Humanity construction site in Pensacola. In every instance, we try to make things better in some way. Some things we do are small, like donating Teddy Bears to a Children’s Hospital, and others are big, like delivering two 15-ton Air Conditioning units to an elementary school whose AC units had died. Some can’t be measured, like when we restriped the parking lot for a local elementary school.
“We are so grateful for the efforts you’ve made to have our parking lot painted. This was such a safety concern for our school. Everyone can now identify crosswalks, directional markings, appropriate lanes, and parking spaces to park. This will make our campus safer for our staff, students, parents, and guests. What a great start to a new school year.” — Anissha B. Officer, Principal, Garrett Elementary
Wind Creek’s commitment to helping wherever and however possible sometimes has us doing things we never imagined.
“Wind Creek has been a great partner in our Community. They’ve contributed to our hospital, our schools, they’ve even paved streets for us!” — Mayor Jim Staff, City of Atmore
It’s brought us places where we’re bound and determined to contribute.
“Wind Creek has been an enormous help. They’ve put a new roof on our hospital, and provided us with a new mammography unit, which is of crucial importance to women in our area. Wind Creek has helped us not just survive, but thrive.” — Bill Perkins, President, Atmore Hospital
We’ve helped to build houses.
“Wind Creek is helping to make a tremendous difference in this community, helping this family get on their feet. We’re really appreciative of all the groups that help make this happen.” — Melanie Jacobi, Habitat For Humanity
Good To Go
supporting our Veterans
We’ve jumped in when others have jumped ship!
“After our food supplier abandoned us, Wind Creek brought in over 500 pounds of Crawfish, and their chefs showed up to prepare it. They have been so generous to our community in multiple ways, we’re so thankful.” — Tonya Lambert, North Baldwin Crawfish Bash
When the Bayfest Music Festival was cancelled at the last minute, event organizers scrambled to replace it with a free music event called TenSixtyFive.
Helping out at TenSixtyFive
“Wind Creek contributed mightily to the success of TenSixtyFive by sponsoring one of our main stages, which proved to be quite popular with our local community and families. We are very proud that Wind Creek was an integral part of the TenSixtyFive movement.” — Elliot Maisel, Founder, TenSixtyFive
We’ve stepped in when people were hungry. Last November, we received a call from our friends at Prodisee Pantry in Baldwin County. They needed help providing a Thanksgiving meal for over 1,500 needy families and we were happy to help. Our Good To Go food truck was there as well, providing a warm meal on a cold morning.
“Prodisee Pantry is run by volunteers, so it’s the community, helping the community, and Wind Creek is a great partner to our community. They help us in many ways, from peanut butter to turkeys, to lending their hands and hearts. We thank them for being here and lending their time.” — Deann Servos, Executive Director, Prodisee Pantry
This brings us full circle, to Thanksgiving, giving thanks, and giving back. Our mission of sharing comes directly from you, because it’s your support of us that in turn supports our local communities. This Alabama hospitality is ingrained into our culture and our way of life. For that, we say, “Thank You.”