We take great pride in our hospitality, so you can believe us when we say that the reason we try so hard is you! Over time, we have become quite close to many of our Guests, to the point that they are not just Guests, they are part of the family. So this month, with Valentine’s Day on our mind, we asked some of our Team Members to share some of their favorite Guest stories. Please read on below for a selection of what they had to say! “Working on the floor for seven years has made me some great friends. I have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. I have consoled the loss of friends and family members. But it has also brought me some truly inspirational experiences. I have cried with a Guest the day she found out she had cancer, only to see her a year later find out she was cancer free. And while rejoicing the good news that day, I watched her hit a jackpot! A year later we cried again when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and a year later, we celebrated again, as he also beat cancer! I have Guests who just want to see a smiling face, and get a hug from the guy who is always happy to see them. I have Guests that I’ve become friends with on Facebook, and outside of the Casino. Our Guests at Wind Creek are some of the greatest people in the world!” — Thumper Thompson “Every year during the holiday season, Delores makes chocolate turtles and other homemade candies for the various departments and employees at Wind Creek. She takes the time to customize every label and package with pictures of the employees that she takes during the year. She only makes the turtles and other candies during the Christmas season so it’s always a real treat when she brings them in during the holidays.” — Charles Houston “When I think about my favorite Guests, I immediately think of Grace. I just love interacting with her because she grew up in New Orleans. She recalls times before air conditioning and many of the luxuries we know today. Back then, she would use water straight from the Mississippi River to do her laundry. She says it was very gritty, but it got the job done, and then she’d hang the laundry in the warm summer breeze, which gave them a natural cotton scent that just can’t be matched today. As she grew up, newer types of transportation become available in the town, and one of her favorite methods to get around town were cable cars. Grace is full of these stories, and I always look forward to when she comes in.” — Devin Lino “One of my favorite Guests won a Jackpot on a real tall machine that had a bunch of lights and towering displays, and at the very top was the Progressive meter. One day this Guest had the perfect bingo pattern that resulted in a $20,000 win - or that’s what everybody thought. The Guest collected her winnings and went home. The next day I realized what had actually happened, so I had the honor of calling her to tell her she had actually won $32,000. Well I don’t have to tell you she was one happy Guest!” — Wade Howard “We have this one Guest, Miss Jean - we all love her. She never asks for anything beyond what she needs, but once, at this Super Seniors event, we were giving away these tiny little piggy banks. Miss Jean didn’t win one, but she really, really wanted one. So she sent me an email, asking for one of these piggy banks. I arranged to have one set aside for her, and Melvin brought it to her. Now, you would’ve thought that we just handed her a million dollars, she was hugging and kissing Melvin, tell him how he had no idea how much she appreciated it. It’s not the value of it, but the sentimentality behind it that makes her such a special Guest to us. It’s little things that make her happy, which makes us happy!” — Candy Fralick “Jean is such a lovable lady, she’s sweet, cheerful, never complains - she’s like your Grandma. Every time you see her, she’s going to hug you, kiss you. She’s awesome, she’s been coming here for years, and always plays a certain machine. I just love her.” — Melvin Byrd “There’s a couple that comes in all the time, they own a chain of stores. They always play in the High Limits room, but they are very generous and great to the staff. Every Holiday they bring us gifts, and one Christmas they brought me two bottles of Evan Williams Egg Nog! Another time they gave me a a laser pointer that displayed a bat symbol, which was cool because I love Batman! But what I like about them the most is that they are always personable, and they always give back. They are the kind of Guests that you are always happy to see. You know when you are helping them, you aren’t really working, you are having fun. And when they found out I was a Marvel fan, they gave me a pair of superhero socks!” — Daniel Fedora “One of my favorite Guests is Miss Emily. She has been a loyal player for many years, and she always waits patiently in line when we have long lines at Player Services. She never complains on busy nights, and she always greets us with a gentle “Hi, Sweetheart.” You can see her smile all the way across the Casino. She exudes friendliness and patience. I no longer work on the floor, but whenever I see Miss Emily, she still greets me with a smile and a big hug. Sometimes in the Casino business, we can get distracted and hurried, but when a Guest is patient and friendly, it motivates us to do a better job and keep that Guest happy. Love you Miss Emily!” — Jesse Smith