My story is about my Dad, who died from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s last May. My Dad’s illness was hard on my Mom who, as a retired nurse, was also his primary caregiver. We went to Wind Creek a lot, where I took care of Dad so Mom could relax and have fun. My Dad’s last outing was in early April, before he was completely bedridden.
It was a beautiful spring Saturday, and I picked Mom and Dad up for lunch and then took them to Creek Casino Montgomery so Mom could enjoy some “button therapy.” I was playing So Hot 40 Lines, and Dad was playing Pastures and Beyond right next to me. My Dad loved to play, but he was much more frugal than I am. While I sat there playing the ?max bet, he played 80 cents, but when we cashed out a few hours later, he was tickled that I cashed out $600 and he cashed out $400 - even though he was betting so much less than I was.
The doctor said it was okay at this stage of his disease for him to enjoy a few drinks, something he had completely given up when he got sick. So we sat there and had a few of his favorite drinks - Canadian Mist and Sprite. Little did I know when I dropped them off at home that evening, he would never be able to leave the house again.
Still, it was such a great day. I wouldn’t trade this memory for anything. And now, when we are at WCM, I find a Pastures and Beyond game to play, order a Canadian Mist and Sprite, and send a smile and thumbs up to my wonderful Pops!
submitted by Nancy P.
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