One afternoon my Mom had a reservation at Wind Creek Wetumpka. She had asked if I wanted to go with her, but at the time she was leaving I could not get away from work and I did not have the extra money to go. The day went on and I took care of everything that had to get done. It was about 7pm and I really wanted to drive over to meet my Mom. I thought, well I have a full tank of gas and $75 FreeĀ Play on my card so why not take the chance. If
nothing else I could play my free play and hang out with my Mom and enjoy the relaxing environment of Wind Creek! So I made the 1.5 hour drive over. The whole way there I thought how crazy it was for me to take the chance with only $75 Free Play to spend. I like to have at least a couple of hundred bucks when I go so I was actually nervous about having only Free Play to spend.
When I arrived I found my Mom, got her room key and took my bag to the room. Then I walked around and started playing my Free Play. I probably played about 7 or 8 different machines. Within the hour that I had arrived I came to a Hee Haw machine. At this point I only had $20 Free Play left. I put it on the machine, and within the first few spins I hit the bonus. I got 5 spins X6. I remember thinking that I would probably not hit anything on such few spins. But I did hit! On that bonus 8 corns at 6X pay hit. When the spins were over the jackpot went off....$12,000! I could not believe it. My hands were shaking when I was trying to text my Mom to let her know. I was still shaking when they were paying me my winnings. The biggest win I had ever had and it was off of Free Play!! Anything can happen and we are all just one spin from finding our winning moment! Thanks Wind Creek for the Free Play that helped me find my BIG winning moment!!!
submitted by Paula B.