Good morning Wetumpka! I wanted to take a moment to express what an absolutely remarkable time we had at Wind Creek Wetumpka. We came in for your April Showers promotion as a quick getaway from our normal day-to-day routine, and as always, everyone at your resort was overly wonderful and there was so much for all the Guests to take part in. We played the Make a Deal Monday game as well as the Scavenger Hunt. Then in between, we played what I like to call the “Name That Tune” game on the floor. Our Game Attendant, I call her Ms. Lovely, is truly an asset to the casino. Then, on Wednesday, we played in the Wake Up And Win, and even placed, which was super exciting. I hope Wake Up And Win will continue to be a regular feature at the casino.
I have been to many other casinos before, but I wanted to take the time to let everyone in Wind Creek Wetumpka know that you guys and gals are the top of the line!!!! Such professional attitudes and you are all so pleasant - you really do go out of your way to make every single person feel welcome and like that you are glad to have us there. I will always only be faithful to Wind Creek, and I hope you all keep up the great, great job. See ya soon!
submitted by Amanda J.