My story isn’t exactly “from the floor” more “from the parking lot,” but I sure got some looks! I have a friend who drives a tow truck, and every once in awhile, if he’s in my area, he’ll call me to see if l would like to ride along in his truck and keep him company. It was one night like this that he called me up and said, “I have to tow a car to Uriah, but I’ll be going right past the Casino after I pick up the car. Would you wanna go?” I of course said yes, so he picked me up, and off we went to pick up the disabled vehicle, and we headed down the road.
When we got to Wind Creek Atmore, he just pulled the wrecker, with the broken-down car and all, right into the front entrance, through valet parking, where I got out. I jokingly told the Valet, “My car broke down, so I thought I’d come and see if I could win some money for a new one.” He just shook his head and smiled as I headed off to try my luck. While I didn’t win enough for a car that night, I did win $300 - enough to cover a car payment!
submitted by Sharon S.