This isn’t about a winning moment, but it’s one that Meant a lot to me, so I’d like to share it. This past August, my sister took me to Atmore for my birthday. We were having a great time laughing, playing, and spending time together. Well, we went up to our room to rest for a bit and planned to go back down for dinner and play more. While getting dressed for dinner, I discovered I’d lost my Pandora Bracelet. It was a Christmas gift from my sister a couple years back and the charms were gifts from family and my husband. The sentimental value it held far outweighed any monetary value, and I was devastated, thinking it was gone forever.
Once we got downstairs, I stopped at the front desk, thinking “how useless is this?”, but I explained to the young man at the desk what had happened. He immediately got on the phone and called security for me. This gentleman then asked me to describe the bracelet and the charms, and after I did so, he said to me they had it. OH MY GOODNESS! Trying to describe my happiness is just not possible. It did my heart so good to know that there are still good, honest people in this world that would take the time to turn my bracelet in to security. It renews my faith in people! We love all your casinos and while we have not won a big prize yet, we never give up hope that one day we will. Thank you!
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submitted by Brenda M.