First of all, I would like you to know my situation. I have been paralyzed for 25 years, confined to a wheelchair unable to move my arms or legs. I do have enough movement in my shoulders that I’m able to sling my arm off of my chair, but I cannot pick it up once it is off.

On Valentine’s weekend, 2016 my girlfriend and I decided at the last minute to go to the Casino. We were prepared to spend the night, however upon arrival we learned the hotel was booked. After playing for several hours, it was around 1am and we faced a 2 hour drive home. I decided to check one more time on a room and got so lucky a suite was empty due to cancellation. Wow! What a room - it was beautiful, and something I will cherish forever.
The next day, we played some different machines. I was just about to hit my limit when we ended up on a Wild Hog machine. We just had started playing and my girlfriend had to use the bathroom. I told her to go ahead, I would be okay sitting there while she was gone. After she went to the bathroom, I was sitting close enough to her machine that I thought to myself, I could get my hand to land on the play button by slinging it off, and I could play her machine. I gave it a try and it was like a perfect pitch in baseball, my hand landed perfectly on her play button and the machine started to roll. The 3rd roll hit for $900, and 64 spins later, I had won $1,100 dollars. My girlfriend got back to the machine and was in shock! And I was, myself! This was the greatest weekend we’ve ever had. We will surely return to try our luck again.
submitted by Steve B.