A couple of months ago, I came to Wind Creek with my husband and son. We were having so much fun playing that we lost track of time! It had gotten late and we were going to have to make the long drive back to Opelika, so I went to the hotel desk to see if there was an available room for the night.
The lady at the desk told me that they were doing cancellations and she would let me know if there was an availability. A few minutes later she called and said she had a room. I went back to the desk and after standing there for a couple of minutes, I began to feel dizzy, like I was about to faint. She was very observant and asked “do you want me to call the paramedics?” I said no, I just needed to sit down for a minute. She called a gentleman over who asked if I needed anything, or if there was anything he could do to help me. I told him I needed some crackers and a Coke, as I felt like my blood sugar had dropped. He sent someone to get those, and stayed right with me, even getting me a cold towel to wipe my face with.
As all of this was going on, the nice lady at the desk told my son what she needed to get us checked in. She was very quick to take care of this so we could get to the room and I could lay down. I got the crackers and Coke and got to feeling better and we went up to the room.
I just want to say thank you to the people who helped me. Whether it was the lady who so patiently and promptly got us checked in, or the guy who stayed with me until I felt better, or the person who went and got the Coke and crackers, your professionalism combined with your compassion really stood out that night! Just another reason that I love Wind Creek!
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submitted by Donna B?.