My son was fresh home from college and I was upset because he wouldn’t do his chores, so I made reservations at Wind Creek Wetumpka. I checked in and was reminded to swipe my card. While I was there, I was trying to call my other half, Leon to let him know I wasn’t home and that he and I were going to spend the night in Wetumpka. I couldn’t reach him, but as I was headed toward the High Limits room, Leon was coming out, and I bumped dead smack into him! He asked where I was headed, and I told him upstairs to get my jacket. He asked me to sit with him for a few minutes while he played. Within minutes they starting calling names for the Mini Cooper giveaway. They called my name, and I couldn’t move… Leon was like “Go! Go!” and I was like “Where? Where?” He said GO! I finally did, but I couldn’t believe it. The best part of all... I WON THE CAR! Now everyone wants to take credit… Leon said “If I hadn’t shown up when I did, you would have been upstairs getting your jacket”. My son even said “Mom, if I’d done my chores, you wouldn’t have gone up there!” LOL! It pays to stay! I found my Winning Moment! We’d like to thank Michele for submitting this story. Each month we’ll feature another story submitted by one of our Guests, so if you have a special Wind Creek moment you’d like to share, visit the website and send in your story today!