Last December, I was about to go on a cruise. I was broke, but the cruise was free. On Facebook that morning, I read about a contest to win a seat in that night’s final round of Tournaments, so I tried a few times and won a seat. I live three hours away and was leaving for Florida the next morning for the cruise, but I drove over to Alabama from Georgia for the Tournament.
I was a bit early, so I put $5 into a penny machine, and within 30 minutes, I was up $100. I cashed out and then played in the Tournament. I knew I was guaranteed $100 in free play, so I knew I’d do better than breaking even, even after paying for gas. Well, I was shocked when I came in 3rd place! I won $750 in free play! I had to wait a bit for it to appear on my card, so I went back to my machine and won even more!
Once my free play was available, I knew I needed to leave ASAP, so I played max bets just to get through the $750 faster. Soon after, I cashed out over $1,200, tucked it away, and headed for Florida! The money helped make the cruise and that Christmas amazing.
And, to think, I almost decided not to go to the Tournament because of the 3 hour drive each way! I’m sure glad I did though!
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submitted by James M.