A few weeks ago was my Mother in Law’s 80th birthday, and ten of us had all decided to come to Wind Creek with Momma to celebrate. We were sidebyside, all in a row at the Quick Hit machines. We were spinning those reels like mad and high-fiving each other like crazy, because every few spins at least one of us hit a bonus round! It was like New Orleans in there, and we let the good times roll! When it was over, we each had hit no less than $90 to $130!
Everything was going fine, up until I thought that my machine had gone cold, but the next play, my machine gave me two Quick Hits, another Quick Hit on the next line, and then on next line, THREE Quick Hits! I yelled to my nearest sister-in-law, “Look, look, LOOOK!!!” Everyone’s eyes turned to my machine - and the last reel made this funny low, growling sound, and the wheel seemed to turn so slowly. My heart was beating so fast and my smile was wide and as big as the moon! I just knew this was going to be my WINNING MOMENT to win a Jackpot... but, it didn’t happen.
My last three Quick Hits flew by without so much as a “How do you do?” But it didn’t matter, I added $100 plus to my game, got cheers and sneers from my group, and laughs and smiles all around. It was a great winning moment, even without a big payout. It was everyone’s 80th birthday that day!
P.S. I am definitely heading down again for my next birthday!
submitted by Vonnie T.