I flew in to Birmingham on January 27, 2016. While traveling, my sister Mary realized our reservations were at the wrong Casino - they were made for the Atmore hotel, instead of Wetumpka. Upon our arrival to Wetumpka, we were told there was no availability for the days that Mary asked for, so she asked to speak to a manager. Jorden, the manager, was kind enough to listen to her story. Mary explained that I had arrived that day to visit, because she had just found out that she had inoperable cancer in her lungs, as well as multiple other places. I had flown down to go with both her and her roommate Donna to spend a couple of days at the Casino before Mary began chemotherapy on February 1st. Jorden was able to find us a room for the 3 nights that Mary had asked for. THANK YOU JORDEN!!
We had a wonderful time. In fact, I don’t think we went back outside until Friday morning! Mary was obviously tired, but we kept playing those games! She hit a Jackpot on Wheel of Fortune and was SO excited! We had dinner in the Fire restaurant our last night there, and Mary was so impressed by the long stem red rose at the end of dinner, she just kept talking about it! I flew home on Monday with tears all the way hoping it would not be the last time I saw my sister, but on Sunday, February 7th, Mary passed in her sleep, thus bypassing all the pain and chemo. Thanks again for all the hospitality everywhere we went inside your establishment!
submitted by Tina M.