THE GREAT BALLOON ESCAPE! Submitted by Carolyn?
Last fall, my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary at Wind Creek Wetumpka, which was a ?rare getaway for us in our hectic lives. When I called to make our hotel reservations, I mentioned the anniversary to the phone agent. When we arrived in our room, we found five beautiful red balloons and a lovely card signed by numerous hotel employees, for which we were most appreciative.
We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Fire, then we played on the casino floor for a couple of hours before heading to the room. In the wee hours of the morning, I awoke, and in the darkness I saw movement in several strange locations around the room. A little frightened, but even more confused, I couldn’t figure out what was making the very odd movements.
Finally, I woke up my husband, who turned on the lights. The balloon bouquet had come untied, and the balloons had escaped and were floating all around the room! We had a great laugh, gathered them up and tied them down for the night.
Every trip to Wind Creek is memorable, but the traveling balloons made this anniversary one we will never forget! We still laugh about the great balloon escape!
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