Submitted by Beverly S.
In early 2008, I visited the Casino in Montgomery several times and I enjoyed it when I went. One day when visiting I was playing a quick hit machine betting max bet $2.00, and I won a $2,000 jackpot and I thought “I think I like this!” Being a newcomer, I only went a few days a week, and at the time I was working part time for a group of heart doctors.
My sister talked me into visiting the Wetumpka property when it was still located in the big tent. I went and won some playing the original “Hee Haws” game, betting $1.00 and I hit for over $1,000. Now I’m thinking, “this is getting better and better”, and I started thinking “why am I working for $9.00 an hour for 10 doctors when I can win $1,000 in about 10 minutes at the casino?” However, I kept a cool head and kept my job, but continued to visit the property a little more frequently. Then, Lady Luck found me!
In May 2008 in Wetumpka, I was playing on a Beetle Bailey machine betting $2.50. I was about to leave and just as I put my last bit of money in the machine I hit a jackpot in the amount of $79,245!!! Talk about being speechless! I just sat in a daze, absolutely thrilled!
The rest of that year was like a complete dream come true for me, and it finally occurred to me - why am I still at this job? My supervisor was not the kindest or most understanding, and not appreciative of my work. I was not happy and was toying with the idea of quitting anyway, but with that huge win I was able to finally quit and it sure felt good!
I am a thankful person because at the age of 66 I love having fun, and I love to interact with kind people. I think we should all treat each other as we want to be treated, and if we did the world would be a much better place. It has been fun getting to know the employees at Wind Creek and making friends with other guests, and I am still coming in and playing strong! Of course with the wins come losses, and that is life. Thank you, Wind Creek, for helping change my life!
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