Love Those Quick Hits! Submitted by Cindy G.
My boyfriend and I had a very good March at Wetumpka. We got up on a Wednesday morning at 5am and headed to the Casino. At 7:30am, my boyfriend sat down at the Quick Hits $3 max machines. Two pulls and he hit 8 Quick Hits, winning $4,500. We were so shocked and excited.
We went back on that following Sunday afternoon and had a room for the night. We played throughout the evening but went to our room around 1am. I relaxed in the bath for about an hour and was getting ready for bed when my boyfriend said, “Baby, let’s go back down and play, I just feel lucky.” So we went straight to the same Quick Hit machines from earlier, and at 2:30am he hit $15,000 on the free spins. It was incredible!! He was in shock, and I literally had to convince him that he had really won again.
That’s not the end of our story, though. Before we calmed down from all the excitement, I hit a So Hot at 4:30am for $1,300. I finally found my winning moment! Wait, there is more!! We went back two weeks later and I was playing the same Quick Hits he had won on and I hit $7,500 on free spins!!! It was crazy. We can’t believe how blessed we have been.
We love going to Wetumpka, and the staff makes us feel so at home. We have thoroughly enjoyed our winning moments. Thanks!
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