Nowadays, it’s pretty rare for an employee to stay with a single company for very long, so to hear a story about someone staying with a company for 30 years is almost unheard of! Here at Wind Creek we recently celebrated the 30 year anniversary for not one of our employees, but three of them! We’re not only extremely proud that these three ladies have stayed with us for 30 years, but flattered, as well! Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Imagene Lane, Ms. Kay Reymundo, and Ms. Pat Johnson as they reflected on their long careers working for the Poarch Creek Indians.

Imagene Lane started as a Paymaster for the Creek Bingo Palace, paying out winnings to players. Today she is a Greeter in the Security Department. What did you do before you came to work at PCI? 20 years at Vanity Fair, then I owned a lounge, worked for a short time at a beauty shop. What do you like about working here? I like it all, the friends I’ve made, as well as paying out all that money. Why have you stayed so long? It’s a good job, and I wanted to work. What changes have you seen since you have been here? Seeing us go from paper cards, to having 25 machines, to having 1500 machines now.

Kay Reymundo started as a Secretary, Bookkeeper, and Payroll Clerk, and today she works as our Financial Accounting Payroll Manager. What do you like about working here? The great people I work with. Plus it’s 3 miles from my house so I have a short commute! What amazes you the most about what you’ve seen over 30 years? The increase in employment and revenue, the expansion - three casinos now. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished. What is your best memory of working here? Wow, I have many! All Night Bingo Marathons, starting up the northern properties, watching the growth from one 1500 seat card bingo facility to eight companies!

Pat Johnson started her career selling 50 cent pull tab bingo cards at the Bingo Palace, and today is our Housekeeping supervisor. What do you like about working here? The opportunity to meet new people! What is your best memory of working here? The anniversary of Creek Bingo Palace’s opening day, the guests and teams all dressed up. Buses came in from Georgia, Florida and Texas, full of guests to celebrate. What different now from 30 years ago? We’ve gone from a metal shed in the middle of a cotton field in Atmore to a 50,000 square foot gaming floor, restaurants, entertainment, and 236 room hotel. Can you believe it?