After spending just a few minutes with Geraldine Godwin, it was apparent why she’d been selected for our monthly employee profile. Despite our repeated attempts to make the conversation about her, she could not stop talking about her co-workers! It is her joyful, thankful spirit that makes her such a great choice.

Ms. Godwin started her career with us 17 years ago, working part-time in the deli at the old Atmore Bingo palace. From the deli counter she moved to a position in the Smoke Shop as a Cashie?r and Supervisor, and then transferred to Housekeeping. When the new Hotel and Casino was built, Ms. Godwin was given a new title - Executive Services Housekeeper, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Starting every day at 5:30am, Ms. Godwin makes sure the coffee is freshly brewed, the work area is clean, and the mail is collected and sorted. She delivers internal mail to our Tribal Center, then delivers the outgoing mail to the post office. She orders new supplies for the break rooms, and cleans and details the conference rooms and Executive offices, all before many people have hit their snooze buttons for the first time! In her spare time she decorates for birthdays and holidays, stuffs Christmas cards, and oversees improvements to the administrative offices.

As we were talking to Geraldine, a colleague walked by and offered, “Ms. Geraldine keeps us all pumped up!” To which Ms. Godwin replied, “I just feel like I’m friends with everybody. I don’t believe I have an enemy at all. I’m always ready and willing to help anybody that needs help”, adding, “You need to be kind to everybody. You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives.” We’re grateful to have Miss Geraldine in our lives.