If you’ve visited one of our locations lately, chances are you’ve met one of the newest members of our Guests Services team - our Creators of Excitement! At Creek Casino Montgomery, we welcome Mr. Jonathan Buxton. In Wetumpka, say hello to Ms. Jacqueline Klein. And in Atmore, meet Mr. James Railey, owner of the coolest glasses in town!

When we first heard about our Creators of Excitement, we didn’t know what to expect, so we sat down with them to get a glimpse into how their enthusiasm and energy is going to enhance our Guest experience. It was clear from our visit that our COE’s share a vision for what they are doing - they could hardly contain their excitement!

“It’s an inside out thing”, says Mr. Buxton. “We create programs designed to energize and motivate our Team Members, and to make their experience as exciting as possible. We have learned that highly motivated team members are extra attentive to the needs of our Guests, which leads to a more exciting Guest experience. It truly is a win-win situation.”

Mr. Railey added this: “Happy employees overflow into our Guest’s experience. Their enthusiasm is going to spill over into our Customer Service.”

Ms. Klein summed it up like this, “How can you not be positive and uplifted when you’re surrounded by people of the same ilk? Through this growth, this expanding outward of good spirits, it expands the self, the happiness of our Guests, and the company itself.”