By Zack Cutler
Wind Creek Hospitality is proud to introduce our newest travel promotion, “Private Jets, Best Bets and Sunsets”, where our Guests will have the chance to win a First-Class, all expenses paid trip to legendary gaming destinations Las Vegas and the Bahamas. Our winners will be travelling with a guest, along with $10,000 in spending cash.
We are often asked why we do these big promotions. Well, we do it to create interest and generate excitement amongst our Guests. We have discovered that fifty percent of our Guests learn about us and the amazing Casino promotions we offer through word of mouth, and the best way to get people talking is to feature promotions that offer a chance to win an amazing experience. “Private Jets, Best Bets and Sunsets” will be among the most memorable experiences our Guests will ever have, and we want you to come with us!
Imagine it. You and a small group of like-minded enthusiasts stir in anticipation as your private 737-200 eases to a stop on the tarmac of Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas. A gentle ocean breeze and the sound of a live Calypso band wash over you and your travelling companion as you descend the stairs of the jet, while bright-eyed islanders offering cool beverages await you at the bottom. You’ve finally arrived in the Bahamas – the 2nd leg of your private jet excursion – and the smile that’s been attached to your face the past few days just got even bigger. Welcome to the lifestyle of the Jet Set. You’ve dreamed about it. Now, it’s your turn.
You will begin your journey in Montgomery, AL, on October 5th, where you and your guest will board a private chartered jet for a non-stop trip to Las Vegas. Once on the ground in Vegas, you’ll be taken directly to the fabulous ARIA Resort - a Five-Star casino and hotel in the heart of City Center, right on the strip.
The next morning, after you attend a Welcome Reception, you and your guest will be turned loose in Las Vegas with $10,000 in mad money, to do whatever you wish. You’ll have the freedom to experience Vegas any way you want - no buses to catch, no tours to take, no pre-determined schedule. On your final night in Las Vegas, you’ll have the opportunity to end your trip as all Las Vegas trips should end: with the mind-bending spectacle of Cirque Du Soleil.
On October 8th, your private charter will pick you up for more First-Class treatment as you fly non-stop to the Bahamas. When you picture the Bahamas in your mind, you probably see a tropical paradise, but when you see it in person, what you’ll see is pretty close to Heaven on Earth. You’ll be staying at the luxurious Atlantis Five-Star gaming resort, located appropriately enough on Paradise Island. With no schedule and no agenda, you will be free to enjoy the Bahamas any way you like.
After four days of fabulous gaming and fun, your jet will return to pick you up and bring you back to Montgomery. And while the feeling of returning to Earth may be a bit of a letdown, the memory of this incredible journey will remain with you forever.
By now you’re wondering, “OK, how can I get in on this?”
It’s simple. Beginning July 1st at 7am, you’ll earn one entry for every 20 base-points earned while playing with your CLUB Card. Drawings will be held at each Casino to determine who will advance to the Grand Prize Drawings that week. Drawings will begin on Thursdays starting July 9th at Creek Casino Montgomery from 7pm - 8pm, with Grand Prize drawings held at 9pm. Drawings for Wind Creek Atmore are held on Fridays beginning July 10th from 7pm - 8pm, with Grand Prize drawings at 9pm, and for Wind Creek Wetumpka, weekly drawings will be held on Sundays beginning July 11th from 12pm – 1pm, with the Grand Prize drawings at 2pm.
The final Grand Prize Drawings will take place on the following dates: August 27th at 9pm at CCM; August 28th at 9pm at WCA; and August 30th at 2:00pm at WCW.
So grab your ticket, and get ready to board your Private Jet for Best Bets and Beautiful Sunsets. We’ll be waiting for you.
The Las Vegas Strip