“Brother Dave” Stephens is a welcome and familiar sight to all of us here at Wind Creek. As a Training Specialist, he is one of the first faces our Team Members get to know in Orientation and training classes. With his sense of humor, boisterous personality, and unstoppable love for everyone that crosses his path, he always leaves a trail of smiles and laughter in his wake. As such a vital part of our Wind Creek team, it seemed obvious to feature Mr. Dave as our “One of Us” this month.
How long have you worked for Wind Creek?
I was hired in January, 2004 as a Security Manager, then moved to HR in 2009 as a Training Specialist. In 2012, I was asked to take the lead in developing a screening process for new hire applicants and took on the additional role as the Talent Screening Specialist and… here we are today!
What do you feel you do that makes you such a great employee?
I do not feel as though I am a “great” employee… but I do possess a lot of enthusiasm and compassion for other human beings and it is my job to demonstrate it. I would not be who I am without my wife of 37 years. I am who and what I am because of the people around me… my training team… and my faith and belief in God.
Do you have any advice for those who wish to be successful?
If a Team Member or any person wants to be successful, I believe the first step is to genuinely care about others. If we could learn to place others above ourselves, then we can change the world. Placing ourselves second to other people in our life changes everything.