Stephanie Wright is our Director of Strategic Marketing; in her role she develops and manages advertising campaigns and works very closely with our Creative Services group. Ms. Wright began working at Wind Creek three years ago as the Advertising Manager in Wetumpka, and recently moved to Atmore to take on her new position. We recently sat down with Stephanie to learn more about her and the world of advertising.
Q. Do you have any advice for those who wish to be successful?
A. Don’t worry about what other people do! Focus your time and attention on being the best at what you do. Have an open mind, be willing to support others, listen more than you talk, and keep your nose to the grind. If you’re willing to work hard, and if you remember to learn from challenges and mistakes, there’s no doubt you’ll be successful.
Q. What do you enjoy about working at Wind Creek?
A. The people! I’m lucky to work with an extremely talented group of people who are passionate about their jobs. Combine that with our amazing Guests who come back time and time again because they love to experience all that Wind Creek has to offer, and it makes for a fun environment.
Q. What is your favorite part of your job?
A. The creativity. Working in marketing and advertising, we get the opportunity to really showcase Wind Creek. From billboards, TV, and radio to the promotions our Guests experience on the floor, I have a hand in shaping how our brand is presented. It’s challenging at times, but also very exciting.