When you drive into any of our locations, you get a feeling that you have arrived at someplace special. This month, we feature the man responsible for creating this experience at our property in Wetumpka, Mr. Timothy Mims. Mr. Mims has been with Wind Creek for over five years, and he is the Supervisor for our Grounds Department. Recently, we spoke with Mr. Mims to learn more about his commitment to our purpose.
How did you start at Wind Creek? I started as a security officer at Creek Casino Montgomery and later moved to Creek Casino Wetumpka, also as a security officer. ?After that, I moved to the building and grounds north department. Then, when we completed the building of Wind Creek Wetumpka, I moved to grounds.
What do you feel makes you a good employee? My value as a good team member can only be judged by my abilities to be an exact fit in the puzzle for success of the whole team. Any success I have had is only because I refuse to be anything but myself and I refuse to put on airs.?
Do you have any advice for those who wish to be successful? Tell it like it is, and don’t pretend. If you know it, teach it, and if you don’t know it, ask for help. Always take responsibility for your own actions. And above all… to have a friend, be one!
What do you like about working for Wind Creek? I don’t just like working at Wind Creek Wetumpka, I LOVE it! I am an outside person, so my position in Grounds is great for that. To top it off, I am responsible for keeping up the ground, the actual place where my ancestors walked, worshipped, traded, LIVED and loved. I take this very much to heart, and it is with me every day. I stand in the very place they stood and look up and down the river which was their major trade route, and just imagine!
Is there anything you’d ?like to share with our Guests? When we were breaking ground for our new Hotel, we had to take down nine cedar trees. I have some saplings from those trees which I plan to plant close to where we took down the original nine. This is very important to me personally, for I believe the nine trees we took down were originally seedlings from our ancestor’s trees, and these saplings will continue that!