Many of you already know Lo Pollard, manager of FIRE Restaurant in Atmore and a member of the FIRE team for almost 7 years. You know when you see Lo, you’re about to have a great time! Managing one of Alabama’s finest restaurants is no easy task, but he always has the best attitude, no matter how busy things may be around him. Recently we sat down with Mr. Pollard to gain some insight into how he can run a restaurant of such quality, while maintaining such a positive outlook.
How long have you worked for Wind Creek? January 4, 2016 will be my 7th year with this wonderful organization.
What is your position here? I am the manager of the Fire Steakhouse. My formal title is Fire Steakhouse Specialty Manager.
Where did you start here- at your current position or have you worked your way up? I first came here from Memphis, TN with a really good man, my predecessor, Gene Schnell. He asked me to join him here and help start something great for some really good people. I took that leap of faith and I truly believe we have something great here for certain.I worked my way up through the rankings. I was told upon my arrival, there would be ample opportunities for advancement for me here. I have never been led to believe anything otherwise by anyone at PCI Gaming. I first came to WCA from Memphis TN with a really good man & my predecessor, Mr. Gene Schnell. I came here as a steakhouse server, after leaving the gaming industry in Robinsonville, MS, known to most people as Tunica. He asked me to come join him here & help start something great for some really good people. I took that leap of faith & I truly believe we have something great here for certain.
What do you feel you do that makes you such a great employee? From the moment I arrive at work, I am ready to take on any and everything the workday may bring. I never show up thinking I already know how any particular day is going to play out. Always expect the unexpected, as they say. I take each moment for what it is. If & when change in our industry comes along, whether subtle or abruptly, I try to make adjustments as quickly as possible to accomplish whatever the greater goal might be. I don’t have the luxury of being off my game. My team expects me to be on top of my game daily & so do our wonderful guests. I try to give all of them my best daily.
Do you have any advice for those who wish to be successful?Take the word no or can’t out of your vocabulary, when it comes to getting things done & accomplishing the goals you set for yourself. It’s so easy for some to accept being told no or accept being told they can’t do certain things. You will never be successful if you buy into this notion. I feel there is nothing I can’t achieve if I desire to do so. While continuously fighting through life’s adversities and achieving more & more success in my own life, I have no doubt this is true! I wish everyone had the same desire & will to not just settle for less. In a perfect world everyone can do anything they set their mind to. But realistically, I feel most people can certainly achieve the goals they set forth if they truly believed in themselves.
What do you enjoy about working at Wind Creek? I enjoy working for this organization because I feel they really care about their employees. From the beginning of my employment with Wind Creek, I realized this was not the same old seen it before, business as usual corporation, so to speak. I got an immediate feel of family first here. As strange & as different as that was, I right away felt at home. I enjoy crossing paths with all the people from different walks of life at every level throughout Wind Creek. That’s such a priceless thing to me. This is a very special place & a very special company to work for.
Do you have anything you would like to share with our Guests?I would like our guests to know that the special treatment they receive here at Wind Creek Atmore is consistent, because its genuinely who we are day in & day out. I get to share each day with terrific people around me in every direction I turn. We meet & make new friends daily. We often spend time with our repeat guests who have become like family to us. This is what makes work feel less like work & more like an everyday family reunion. If I may do so, I would like to speak for us all here at Wind Creek& just say thank you to all our wonderful guests who continuously show their support & loyalty. There would be no us without all of you!
What is your favorite part of your job? I don’t have a favorite part of my job in particular. I love putting the pieces together & helping my entire Fire Steakhouse team supply our wonderful guests with amazing service & food daily. Knowing that our guests are receiving this each visit, along with a dining experience they will forever remember, gives me & my wonderful team great satisfaction. But if I just had to choose one favorite, I would have to say the interaction with all the people I encounter each & everyday. No two guests are alike & each day is different than the day before. There’s never a dull moment in my line of work, which is just the way I like it.
Do you have any favorite stories about your time here? I can’t say I have a favorite story. But, I can tell you that during my time here I’ve experienced some difficult real life stories in which some special higher ups within this organization have shown me tremendous support time & time again. I won’t call any names, but they know who they are. It’s truly an honor & a pleasure to work for & with such a wonderful group of individuals. Thank you all! Hopefully my story here is an ongoing one.