As the Room Chef for TASTE Buffet, Collin Pinson is responsible for some of the most delicious fare Wind Creek Atmore has to offer. A familiar face at many off-site competitions (with the gold medals to prove it) as well as fundraisers, Chef Collin has proven to be an invaluable addition to our Wind Creek team for the past eight years. ?Recently we sat down with Chef Collin to find out more about him.
I discovered my love of cooking when I was a boy, helping my mother prepare the family meals during the holidays was always something I loved to do. In the kitchen, I never panic because I have such passion for cooking – I like to be in the heat of battle, in the moment. It pushes me ?to be creative, it pushes me to produce.
No matter what you do, put your heart in it, 100% into it. Never give up. You can accomplish anything. Keep your passion, no matter what, even if you fail. You can accomplish all goals.
Yes! The passion that I have for what I do! The passion I have for them - for serving them. Just seeing their happiness, their smiles over the dishes I prepare. And I love teaching them! Sometimes Guests will bring their recipes to me for a certain dish, I’ll bring mine, and we’ll have competitions!
What motivated you to become a Chef?
Do you have any advice for those who wish to be successful?
Do you have anything you would like to share with our Guests?