People often ask us, “How do you choose new games for your Casino?”, closely followed by, “Why do you remove others?”. To better understand the thinking behind what games go out on our floors, we went to the source - our Game Directors and our Game Performance Managers. These are the gurus behind behind the games, and here is what they had to say.
When it comes to how we choose our games, it begins with you, our Guests. Your taste in games - the themes, types, bonuses and more - all helps us shape our “shopping list”, so when new products come down the pipeline, we know what to look for. From a simple, “Do you have this game I saw in Biloxi?” to “I really enjoy how the bonuses are structured in this game,” your input allows us to develop a better idea of what you like. Our Game Attendants and Managers frequently receive questions and opinions about the games, and they pass this information along to our Game Directors. Also, our Game Directors attend gaming conventions every year, and we collaborate closely with game companies like IGT, Bally’s, and Cadillac Jack as they unveil their latest developments. These latest technologies, processes, and designs represent the most advanced products on the market today.
In addition to new games introduced at these conventions, some games are simply revised because their initial unveiling didn’t “wow” people quite enough. One example is the Michael Jackson game that many of you are familiar with. When it first debuted, it didn’t live up to expectations. After a survey was done of Guests about what they’d like to see in the game, the game developers included more of Michael Jackson’s music as well as a different display. With these new changes, the game is now a Guest favorite.
Other games may just not have the popularity to keep them around. Our Game Director in Wetumpka, Wade Howard, likens the choice of games to salad dressings at your local supermarket. There are some games that are always popular - games like the So Hots, or Million Degrees, evidenced by our recent million dollar winner in Montgomery. These games are like Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressings, right at eye level, easy to pick up, and a guaranteed seller. A new game might start out on the “bottom shelf”, like some sort of niche flavor like a Honeydew vinaigrette. If not enough people buy the dressing, it goes away to make room for something else new and exciting that may grow to be a fan favorite.
There’s another side to that “Ranch and Bleu Cheese” comparison. Simply put, a game can become stale. Much like the original Volkswagen Beetle, which didn’t change much over 50+ years and was eventually removed from the market, some games can simply grow old. That poses an interesting problem: can we make changes to keep a Guest favorite interesting, without changing the game so much it alienates its fans? It’s a tricky situation, and through you, we’re constantly finding out more about what you like. Some of our games require years of development to bring to our floor, only to see them miss the mark. Others don’t take nearly as long, but prove to be a bona fide hit.
This month we’ve introduced several new titles, including Coyote Moon and High On The Hog. Next month we’ll be rolling out some even more exciting concepts - but we can’t talk about them just yet! As soon as we can, we’ll make sure we let you know. In the meantime, keep giving us your feedback, so we can make your visits to Wind Creek even better!
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Written by Zack Cutler