It’s something we’ve all dreamed about - the chance to climb into a cash machine! Well, Wind Creek Montgomery is making it happen! Every Wednesday starting at 7am, for every 150 base-points earned, you’ll get a chance to grab as much cash as you can. Activate your entries at your favorite gaming machine on the day of the drawing. Each week we’ll have rounds at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm, and the Guest that can hold on to the most money each round advances to the finals at 10pm, for a chance to take home the $10,000 CASH grand prize. So sharpen your reflexes and limber up your fingertips, because it’s Too Hot To Handle
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The Jackpot Coin Club is back! Every time you hit a Jackpot of $2,500 or more, you will receive 1 of 25 collectable Wind Creek Montgomery Jackpot Coins. Collect 10 Jackpot coins and you’ll receive a special invitation to a drawing where you can win a share of $20,000 CASH. You have plenty of time to get those coins, because this promotion will run all the way through July, 2017! And we’re holding not one, but two $20,000 CASH giveaways, one in February, and another in August. Coin collecting has never been so much fun!