Special Memories
Submitted by Diane N.
My brother always went to Atlantic City, but after he was diagnosed with cancer and given little time to live, he couldn’t make the trip. He had heard me talking about Wetumpka and he asked if we could go there together. He lived in Savannah and we live in Cedartown, GA. My older brother and his family said they would bring him and meet me if I thought he could handle it. So I made reservations for all of us.
When they arrived my brother was treated like a King! He had such a good time he wanted to return for his birthday in October. Of course I said we would see how things go. His health was going down but he really wanted to go. The family made the back seat so he could lay down for the trip. The trip was rough on him but he insisted that he wanted to go.
When he got there he was again treated like royalty and the staff made him feel so special. We got him home and his health started failing. He talked about those two trips almost every day until he died a few months later. I want to thank all of the staff for creating these special memories for him and the family in the last months of his life!
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