by Zack Cutler
It’s popping up everywhere - Hot Alabama Nights. From Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram, billboards, TV, and radio, the word is spreading. But what does it mean? It’s Alabama in the summer; most of our nights are hot, right? Does it refer to our fantastic summer concerts? Yes. Is it about wining and dining your significant other in a fantasy setting? Sure it is. Is about living life to the fullest, stimulated by chance and excitement? It’s that, and much more!
Hot Alabama Nights started as an ad campaign designed to attract Guests to our resorts in Montgomery and Wetumpka. The campaign shows off the bluesy coolness of our newest Casino and Hotel in Montgomery, and all its amenities, along with the glamour and romance of our swanky Casino and Hotel in Wetumpka, which has been referred to as the Las Vegas of the south. Both resorts are located within minutes of each other, and are easily accessible from anywhere in the southeast, making them great summer destinations for anyone looking for excitement. Great idea for an ad campaign, right?
But then we got to thinking, what about our Casino and Hotel in Atmore? It gets hot there, too, doesn’t it? And what about the hot Alabama days? We realized that Hot Alabama Nights is more than an ad campaign; it’s an energetic idea about the endless possibilities of a Hot Alabama Summer! And the best place to spend it is at any Wind Creek resort. 

Maybe your perfect Alabama summer is spent in Wetumpka. You check into your spectacular hotel room, then spend the afternoon at the pool, stretched out in a cabana overlooking the beautiful Coosa river. Dinner at FIRE Steakhouse precedes an amazing concert at the Entertainment Center, followed by a few hours of delight and chance on the Casino floor. Sounds good, huh?
Perhaps you’d like something cozy, a little more up close and personal, just you and your partner. In Montgomery, there’s an exclusive restaurant called Itta Bena. It’s quiet, private, and overlooks the rooftop pool and hot tub. Maybe dinner, then a quick midnight dip, just the two of you. Nobody will see… will they?
Or, maybe you prefer something a bit more energetic, like dinner and dancing at B.B. King’s Blues Club. The band plays just the right amount of a “little too loud”, as you let your body sway to the rhythm, feeling the bass in your bones, hearing the perfect wail of the slide guitar, the beat of the drums. Maybe even singing along, because you know the words by heart?
In Atmore it could be anything. Bowling and a movie? Dinner and bowling? Dinner and a movie? Maybe all three? Maybe you’d like to take a cooking class in our Culinary Kitchen, followed by a bottle of wine on the pool deck beneath the evening stars? Maybe it’s a great concert at the Amphitheater, followed by a few hours of excitement on the Casino floor? Maybe it’s a “his and hers” appointment at the Spa, including a massage, sauna and a private rendezvous in the current pool? Maybe?
All of this, and a whole lot more, happens at Wind Creek every day. You can enjoy your Hot Alabama Summer any way you want: relaxing, rocking, sunning, swimming, dining, dancing, cooking, loving, laughing, playing, winning - whatever your mood suggests. Join us at Wind Creek and experience the greatest summer of your life!