By Zack Cutler

“I was so impressed by your professionalism, courtesy, and the welcome atmosphere…”

Whether it’s your first time dining at FIRE Restaurant or your thirty-first, you know that you’re in for a treat, because we have a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Alabama. It’s a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn, and we’re very proud of it. So, when Wind Creek’s Executive Chef Peter D’Andrea challenged us to grow and improve both of our FIRE locations, we had to think very carefully about his questions: How can a restaurant with such a reputation get even better, while maintaining the service and attention to detail that brought FIRE its acclaim? How can we make the experience even better for our Guests? 

“Superb… the food was unbelievable…”

“Your servers are caring, genuine, and they truly live the ?purpose… we are so grateful.”

We started by asking our Guests what they thought: What do you like? What don’t you like? What can we do better? We solicited ideas from our service and kitchen staff, many of whom have been with us since we opened the first FIRE in Atmore six years ago. We considered what our competition is doing, at other Casinos and at stand alone locations. We sampled menus at restaurants all over the south, in big cities and small towns alike. 
After a thorough examination, an approach has been crafted that’s sure to please everyone’s palate. The emphasis now is “upscale casual”. Jesse Bell, Executive Chef of FIRE in Atmore, summed up the changes to the restaurant: “The same great food, just less intimidating.”

The staff at FIRE prides themselves on providing an interactive, enjoyable experience from the moment you step in until the moment you leave. If you desire a three-hour, soup-to-nuts event, FIRE can accommodate you. If you’d rather have a nice, half hour meal before hitting the Casino floor, FIRE can accommodate that, as well.
While a thick steak might just hit the spot on a blustery winter day, when it starts warming up your appetite may not crave a heavy cut, so we’ve made some changes to the FIRE menu that reflect the changing seasons. Chef Jesse Bell in Atmore and Chef Stephen Allen, our new Chef in Wetumpka, have developed spring and summer menus incorporating lighter styles of food with a more seasonal feel. This is now a FIRE for all seasons. 

When we sat down with Chef Stephen, he emphasized the commitment to lighter dishes with this seasonal flare. “I’m excited to bring some new flavor to FIRE. I’m a Southern guy, and in addition to our new spring and summer dishes, we’re looking to feature some more traditional southern favorites with a FIRE twist!”
Chef Stephen also complimented his staff, confirming that not all of the new menu items came from the top down. “We have a lot of fun in our kitchen. I love to keep our workplace open for creativity. Some of our most popular dishes have come from our chefs trying new things. We’ll put them on the menu as a special, and then listen to our guests’ opinions and feedback. Ultimately it’s our guests who decide what’s worthy of the FIRE menu.”
Not everything is changing, however. You’ll still find some of our most popular cuts of beef and the freshest seafood available. If you do find that a FIRE favorite of yours is no longer on the menu, we’ll still be happy to prepare it for you - just let us know in advance when you call to make your reservation. Ultimately, it’s this commitment to our guests that makes dining at FIRE such a legendary encounter. While we are talking about the “new” FIRE, you can be assured that the FIRE experience you know and love will never go away.

“Thank you for always making our evenings at FIRE so special… each experience has surpassed expectations…”