Contributed by ?Adair Andreasson
Dana Pugsley?: Eastaboga, Alabama
Q. What’s been your best present? A. My son bought me a set of china for my birthday. I opened the one plate and thought, “I could hang it on the wall, or put it on a stand in my china cabinet”... I had no idea he bought the entire set! It was just so beautiful! Then he gave me the large box with service for eight, and I cried like a little girl!
Q. What movie would you chose that relates to your life? A. “It’s a Wonderful Life”. So many times in my life, I’ve felt that things weren’t happening the way I’d planned. But when it’s all said and done, I have an awesome family, granddaughters, friends, and husband! I have actually had a very wonderful life!
Q. What would your dream job be? A. Children’s librarian. Specifically just story hour, and since this is a “dream job” I would want to read to children all day long, every day!
Q. What’s your favorite personality trait about yourself? A. My ability to empathize. I think that also helps to make me kinder and more forgiving.
Q. What’s the best advice you would tell a friend or stranger about life? A. I always borrow John Lennon’s quote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Our life is what we DO every minute! And never let your work make you lose sight of your “life.” Your work does not define who you are. Your work only defines what you do for a paycheck. Remember this: No one ever laid on their deathbed saying, “Gee, I wish I had worked more!”
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