One evening, I was working the desk and we were checking in players for an event. One particular player was what I would definitely call “a Rich Southern Gentleman” who by all intents and purposes would be considered an older ladies’ man. In other words, a male version of “The Golden Girls’” Blanche Devereaux!
Anyway, I finished checking him and his lady friend in for the evening, and as she was standing behind him, he offered this observation directly to me: “Suuggaar, I just wanted to tell you, you are a gorgeous woman, and you’d knock off about 10 years off your looks if you’d do something with that gray hair”, he said as he pulled out his cigar from his mouth! It was all I could do to keep from laughing!
I thought that his girlfriend was gonna pass out! As she stood behind him, she had this horrified look on her face, with both hands across her mouth, and then she mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry!” With this big grin on my face, I thanked him for his observation, and asked if I should do anything else in that category, as I respected his opinion! His comment was, “No, just do something with that hair. It’s pretty, you just need to color it.”
The kicker is that I had an appointment in a couple of days to have my hair frosted again! My beautician and I have a good laugh about it every time I come in to have my hair done. Only now, she calls me “Suuugggaaarrrr!”
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submitted by Theresa