By Zack Cutler
Recently we sent a request out to our Guests soliciting stories about the craziest thing they’ve ever experienced at a casino - any casino, anywhere - and our Guests have delivered! We’ve combed through the mountain of responses to pick out some of the best, and we’re happy to share them with you. Enjoy!
“Not My Winning Moment” While playing at a casino in Tunica, I walked over to a bank of Wheel of Fortune games. While I was there, deciding on which machine I was going to make a donation to, a lady walked up and sat right at the machine I was about to play. Sooo... I moved to the next machine over. On her second spin of the wheel, she won $1.3 MILLION dollars. I think I was more in shock than she was. Needless to say, it was not my winning moment!!
“Don’t Give Up!” It was late one night and I was playing the max, trying to hit the $12,000 Jackpot, when, BANG! The siren went off and someone on the next aisle won! I thought, “There goes another chance,” as the jackpot reset to just above $6,000. Then, about three spins later, BANG! The siren goes off again! I turned to my wife and said, “the wheels aren’t spinning,” and she said “No wonder, you just hit the Jackpot!”Moral of the story: Don’t give up!
“Whatever It Takes” My daughter and I were playing side by side when she noticed the buttons on her blouse had come undone. She said, “Oh my God! I didn’t realize my shirt was open”, when an older lady on her right, without missing a beat, responded "Whatever it takes, honey, whatever it takes.”
“So Hots, So Drunk, So Long” I was playing the So Hots when this guy on the opposite side of me pulls out this whiskey bottle and downs about half of it, before cursing his girlfriend out. He got up out of his seat but he was so drunk he fell flat on his face. His girlfriend was embarrassed, and told him to sit and play some more. Deciding to seek my fortunes elsewhere, I eased my ticket out and slowly slipped away.
“75 Cents” Back in January, I was going into CCM when I saw a friend I hadn’t seen for a few years. He told me that he’d been there all night and lost all his money. He said he needed 75 cents to make 2 dollars. I offered to loan him $20, but he said “75 cents will be enough” - one Max bet and he was going to leave. So, I gave him the 75 cents. Five minutes later he was signing a $8,100 Jackpot.
“What Happens In Biloxi…” I saw a guy get carried out of the casino in Biloxi, Mississippi completely naked. He was in handcuffs and had lipstick on. We were in awe.
“Time To Change Seats” I go to the casino a lot, and typically I’ll only see one or two games on the same row that pay out big during my visits. But one night, about two weeks ago, I went in and took a seat in a row with So Hot, Monkey in the Bank, and Double Devils, side by side. I played for about 10 minutes when the person on the right of me screamed! She’d hit a Jackpot! Immediately after, the lady next to her hit a small Jackpot. Well, I figured “time to change seats”, when the man to my right at the end seat yelled, “I hit, too!” After that, I decided maybe I should stay right here in my seat, and I’m glad I did, because four or five spins later I won 60 free spins! Two spins after that… you guessed it, JACKPOT!!!! Never have I seen so many winners in a single row!
“A Real Blessing” In 2011, my husband was in the hospital. He was dying, and I was spending every night and day by his side, caring for him. It was getting to be too much, so I told him I had to get a break - just a little bit of time away to distract myself, find something to smile about, and I said I was going to to go the Casino. He held my hand and told me, “you’re never going to hit anything unless you play Max Bet.” So, once I arrived at the Casino, I went to my favorite game, Monkey in the Bank. I put my money in, and hit Max Bet like he’d said, and I won a jackpot for $17,000! He passed away about seven days later. I tell people that that $17,000 was a blessing, a prayer answered, because I used some of that money to bury him.
We hope you liked these stories - we had a lot of fun reading them. If you have a story you’d like to tell, scan the QR code or visit the website shown below and send in your story today. Go Crazy!