By Zack Cutler
When you see it from a distance - the gentle swoops rising into the sky, beckoning from afar - it looks different, out of place. As you get closer, the rainbow colors spinning around the rooftop signal something special. Then, as you pull into the property, you get a feeling: this is a magical place. As you roll to a stop in front of the hotel, a valet races over to open your car door with a friendly greeting and a smile: Welcome to Wind Creek!
One of our valets, Danny, shared a story of how a Guest came in one summer afternoon upset because her car was overheating. “After checking her bags and escorting her inside, I took a quick look under the hood and discovered one of her radiator hoses was leaking. I ran to the gas station, grabbed a hose clamp, put it on her car and refilled it with coolant. Replacing the clamp was a small thing for me, but it was a huge deal for her. The biggest thing for me is just treating everyone with the utmost respect. Genuine empathy, love, and respect.”
As you enter the hotel lobby, you experience a feeling of escape - you’ve left your normal life behind and now you are some place special. The sights and sounds of the Casino beckon from beyond the registration area, where you are greeted by our Front Desk team. You are overwhelmed by their attentiveness.
Danielle, a Front Desk Agent, explains “Here at Wind Creek, we give everyone that enters our door a sense of belonging. Going above and beyond is something every department does every day here… we each try to go out of our way for not just our Guests, but also our Co-workers. We laugh, cry, sing, and dance, just like you would with your family. At Wind Creek, our employees and our Guests, we’re a family.”
Another Front Desk Agent shared this with us: “A couple with two young children came to check in during a terrible, loud thunderstorm, and the kids were scared. I remembered when I was young, my Grandmother showed me how to make paper dolls, so I grabbed some paper and began to distract them from the storm by making these dolls. They were fascinated! Then they each took some paper to make their own. Soon the tears were gone, they were giggling and laughing, the Mom and Dad both thanked me, and the kids were smiling ear to ear. I’m glad I was able to make those kids forget about that nasty storm.”
As you open the door to your luxurious room, you immediately notice that everything is just right. The bed looks so inviting you can’t help but touch it, then sit on it, then lie on it. Aaaah! But don’t get too comfortable - adventure awaits. Are you ready?
Mary from housekeeping told us: “One of my Guests was getting ready to go down to the Casino and she asked me if she could borrow a pair of scissors because her blouse had begun to unravel. She wanted to cut the blouse and try to tie it together somehow, but instead I helped repair the blouse, retying and threading the stitching back together, burning the ends of the strings so they wouldn’t come undone. I saved the woman’s blouse! She was so thankful, and her husband was, too, that I stopped her from potentially exposing herself to the whole Casino!”
Your anticipation builds as the elevator doors open and you make your way on to the floor of the Casino. How do you want to play? High Limits? Quarters? Pennies? Progressives? Do you want to be aggressive or play casually? Which games suit you the best?
Latoya, a Game Attendant, explains how she treats her Guests: “I try to be all smiles and happy. Sometimes our Guests are confused about which games to play, or how the games work, especially our first time Guests. They are here to have a good time, and if I’m not having fun, they won’t, either. My happiness impacts our Guests’ happiness - so I do all I can to make sure all of us have a great time. This is their escape, their release. So every Guest that enters our door, it’s important to make sure they feel like they belong here.”
You’ve found your game and you are ready. You’ve waited for this for a long time and now your chance is at hand.
Cindy, one of our Servers, explains it like this: “We don’t just bring drinks - we’re here to care, to show compassion. I absolutely look forward to it when some of my Guests come in. You love to go up and talk with them, to make them feel special. That’s why they are here, to find some peace, some happiness. That’s what I consider to be my job, helping to make our Guests happy.”
Melvin from Player Services tells a story of how a Guest in a wheelchair had been left behind at the Casino by his friend. “We drove the man thirty miles to Brewton. The man’s mother was out of town, so we helped the man into his house.” Melvin then told the story of a woman whose phone had died: “Her ride wasn’t available and she had to go to work, so we drove her to her house so she could pick her car up and go to work.”
There’s something about this place: the warmth, the energy, the excitement, the chance. It’s a fantasy, a place where dreams come true. What makes it so special?