By Zack Cutler
Have you ever been to Beale Street in Memphis? USA Today recently named it “The Most Iconic Street In America”. Not the Vegas strip, not Wall Street or Broadway in New York, not Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Beale Street, in Memphis, Tennessee. If you’ve been there you know what I mean. The sight of neon and the sound of the blues mingle with the smell of Memphis barbeque. It’s a sensory delight, which when tangled together turns into soul.
When we started planning our new Hotel and Casino in Montgomery, we spent a lot of time thinking about creating a unique experience for our Guests, different from the experiences we’ve already created in Atmore and Wetumpka. We talked to our Guests to find out what they would like, and we asked potential Guests what they might like, and you know where it led us?
Memphis, home of Beale Street. We’ve partnered with The Beale Street Blues Company - founded by the legendary BB King - to bring the soul of Beale Street to Montgomery.
At the heart of the new development will be our Hotel, designed with an energy that will thrill you. Every room will have the kinds of options that would surprise even the most seasoned (and spoiled!) travel?ers. We don’t want to brag or sound full of ourselves, so we’ll just say this - when you check in, you’re going to like it. However, as nice as the rooms are, chances are you won’t b?e stay?ing in them much, because there’s so much to do!
Maybe you’ll want to start the fun at BB King’s Blues Club, which will feature live music every night. Get ready to spend a lot of time here, soaking up all the action while savoring some of the best Southern barbecue, burgers, and wings you’ve ever tasted. The Blues Club will flow directly onto our newly expanded Casino floor, featuring over 2,200 games - brand spankin’ new ones, as well as your old favorites.
Upstairs from the Blues Club, tucked away privately like an old fashioned speakeasy, you will discover Itta Bena restaurant, featuring an upscale southern style menu and the laid-back attitude of a summer evening on the porch. Just outside of Itta Bena is a rooftop pool - complete with a hot tub and bar - the perfect place to cool off during a hot summer day - or after a hot streak in the Casino.
There’s also a full service hair and nail salon for the ladies, and an old-fashioned barbershop for the gentlemen. For you non-smokers, don’t worry, there’s going to be a non-smoking room, right alongside a High Limits room, a fitness center, an Essentials Gift Shop, a meeting room, and a ballroom.
The Thrill is coming to Montgomery, and we can’t wait to experience it with you. The new Casino, B.B. King’s Blues Club, and the Itta Bena are scheduled to open in December, with the new Hotel opening in January.
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