Ladies, please move along, this may not interest you. This is about tractors and tools and trips to the parts store. It’s a guy thing. It’s in our genes, it’s why we need six cans of WD-40 around the house. For guys, there’s just something about a powerful mower or a precision power tool. That’s why Wind Creek Atmore has fired up our Father Mows Best promotion, where we’ll be giving away all sorts of machinery to help with that yard work! Guys will earn entries for every 150 base-points earned from June 1st through the 18th! On the 18th, five winners every hour from 5pm to 8pm can win a lawn mower, Gift Cards, FREE Play, or an advance to our 9pm drawing, where 8 finalists will have a chance to win a lawn tractor with trailer package, a zero turn mower, Gift Cards or FREE Play! Play now, and mow later!