Why is Mr. Jack O’Lantern always smiling? He’s out in the cold, usually hanging around witches, monsters and ghosts, and he’s got a candle burning inside of his head. But every October, year after year, he’s always got that big smile for all the kids looking for Trick or Treat candy. Could he have a secret? Maybe he’s hiding some FREE Play? We decided to find out, so we’ve created our Pick A Pumpkin event. Every Friday in October from 7pm - 9pm, we’ll pick four Guests per hour to come up and pick pumpkins. Each Guest will keep picking pumpkins until they have a match, with winners walking away with up to $5,000 in FREE Play. What about the Grand Prize? How does a 2016 Yamaha Wolverine sound? Start earning points now for the Final drawing at 10pm on Friday, October 30th.


Two for Tuesdays? More like “Too much for Tuesdays,” because now, every Tuesday has an unbelievable Hot Seat tournament where you can win up to $1,000 in FREE Play! We’re calling up ten Hot Seat winners every 30 minutes to play in a one minute tournament, where you can earn $1,000 in FREE Play for one minute’s worth of playing! The top five scores for the day win FREE Play! That’s not all, because you can earn TWICE the points on Tuesdays if you’re playing with your CLUB Card in your favorite gaming machine between 5pm and 9pm. Come in and play in our Hot Seat Tourneys between 10am and 2pm, then stick around from 5pm till 9pm and earn twice the points!! Earn 25 base-points on Tuesdays starting at 7am to qualify.