Gooey Fries. Hot Lips. Hot “Bama” Brown. Short of the golden arches, it’s tough to find a restaurant that you can identify just from the name of its menu favorites. However, Baumhower’s has managed to transcend this barrier, and that’s just one reason we’re proud to announce Baumhower’s Wind Creek! Taking over the location formerly occupied by Overtime Restaurant, this is a sports bar where you’ll feel right at home, with the menu we all know and love, plus the oven-fired New York style pizzas that everyone loved from Overtime. With more than 40 big screen TVs, you’ll be able to cheer for your team while chowing down on some of the best food available. Imagine it - your favorite teams, your favorite food, all located right here in Atmore? It’s like having Game Day at your house, but without the clean up from when cousin Bill cheers a *little* too hard and spills the nacho cheese onto the rug!
Bob Baumhower and Tim Ramer