Carolyn Stimus: Eastaboga, Alabama? Q. What’s been your best present? A. My adopted daughter PJ. Q. What would be your dream sandwich? A. Mile High Bacon from Hardee’s. Q. What’s your favorite personality trait about yourself? A. I laugh a lot. When I stop laughing, put some dirt over me. Q. What’s the scariest thing that you have ever done? A. I’m not scared of anything. Q. What’s the best advice you would tell a friend or stranger about life? A. Live it to the fullest.
Marianne Deason: Eastaboga, Alabama Q. What’s been your worst present? A. A pair of socks. Q. What’s your most used phrase? A. Sums a B*^%%! Q. What’s been the best decision you’ve made in your life so far? A. I don’t think it’s been made yet. Q. What was your first job? A. Insurance Secretary and it lasted 2 days. Q. Which month is your favorite and why? A. January, because the holidays are over.? Wind Creek Hospitality held a contest on Facebook to select 12 lucky Guests to appear in our 2015 Monthly calendar. The calendar features the profile of a lucky winner each month.