A. Connie Chung.
A. It’s a Filipino dish called “Kare Kare”, with rice and ​shrimp paste.
A. Faith in God, and my family and friends.
Q. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
Q. What’s your all-time favorite meal?
Q. What do you feel is the secret to a good life?
Q. What is your favorite cocktail, beer, or drink of choice?
A. A strawberry and mango daiquiri.
Q. Is there a fun fact you’d like to share about yourself?
A. I love to travel, and I join medical missions in the Philippines.
Q. Have you ever won a Jackpot at Wind Creek?
A. Yes, at Wind Creek Montgomery. I won two Jackpots in ​one night, with a total of over $3,000!
Q. What’s your dream job?
A. I have my dream job. I’m a Registered Nurse, and I love ​what I do.
Q. What’s the one place you would love to travel to in the ​world, and why?
A. I’d like to see the Holy Land, in Jerusalem.
Q. What do you value most in life?
A. My​ family.
Wind Creek Hospitality held a contest on Facebook to select 12 lucky Guests to appear in our 2016 monthly calendar. Each month in the magazine we will profile that month’s calendar Guest.