You see it on billboards, in our resorts, even on napkins: Find Your Winning Moment. Of course everyone thinks about that life-changing jackpot as a winning moment, but winning moments can also be found in something as simple as an elegantly prepared meal. One like you’d experience at our FIRE Restaurants, or at Itta Bena, or B.B. Kings, or at our gourmet Buffet restaurants. We have worked very hard to develop a team of world-class chefs who are dedicated to providing memorable dining experiences to accompany other winning moments you regularly experience at Wind Creek. Fittingly, we call it A Taste of Wind Creek, and now we’re taking the show on the road, at food tastings and community events all over the southeast!

A Taste of Wind Creek is an extension of our values. Our passion encourages us to serve quality food, and have fun doing it, while also giving back to communities and charities throughout the region. Executive Chef Peter D’Andrea loves cooking demonstrations because he can display the “Wow” of cooking - something that goes unseen in most restaurants. Just as a trip to Wind Creek can bring a smile to your face, the excitement and the interactions that take place at a cooking demonstration can do the same thing. And we invite you to interact!
No matter where you may meet our chefs or sample our recipes, you can enjoy the complete experience on your next visit to Wind Creek. Or, you can take our dishes home by picking up recipe cards at our events - and we encourage you to do so. We’re always looking for fun, new ways to engage with our Guests, so if you try one of these recipes, and find you prefer it with a different ingredient, or if you’re unsure why our chefs do things a certain way, speak up! This is for you! We want you to walk away from our demonstrations excited to try our dishes for yourself, and to expand each of our palates. Just as our chefs are out creating new flavors and thinking outside of the box, we’d like you to join us and create things together! If you prefer a more personalized experience, you can join us at Wind Creek Atmore’s culinary studio, where we hold weekly cooking classes and personalized dining experiences.
Wind Creek Hospitality is committed to providing an ever expanding culinary experience through A Taste of Wind Creek. Neal Miller, our Vice President of Hospitality, sums it up nicely: “These demonstrations, personal appearances, we call these our ‘Pride Moments’. We’re proud to work here. We put a lot of effort into putting as much quality in it as possible for our Guests, and we love to show off what we do here!”
submitted by Zack Cutler